Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Review: Open Mic at the Town Hall Tavern

Over 45 people braved the cold on Saturday night to go to the Manchester Libraries Open Mic Poetry Session at the Town Hall Tavern.

Tony Walsh, AKA Longfella, was the perfect host for the evening and read some of his own poems taking people on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, sometimes laughing and crying during the same poem.

The Portico Library Poetry Prize Winner Ian O'Brien also performed along with six other amateur poets during the open mic session - many for their first time in public.

Several audience members had never been to a poetry night before and didn't know what to expect...

"We'd never been to a poetry event before. I saw the poster in the pub and thought we'd try it. Really opened my eyes! Tony Walsh had us laughing and crying.. Everyone who read was very good."

"Really enjoyed the whole evening, the variety of poetry and thought the standard was excellent. Evoked lots of different emotions and I will definitely be going to more poetry events in the future. Tony Walsh was brilliant as a host and as a poet."

Watch this space for more open mic events...and in the meantime watch David Wharton's beautiful film of a Tony Walsh poem - Sometimes.


Sometimes (shot on EOS5d MK2) from David Wharton on Vimeo.

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