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How to integrate many hard drive RAID system wear Windows 7

How to integrate many hard drive RAID system wear Windows 7 this might not yet know. rather than wear a separate hard drive, you better combine the hard drive on a virtual drive, you can use RAID system to combine the hard drive. You can use the facilities of the windows default, i.e. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks.
The first thing you should always do is backup all data on the hard disk that you will use in the RAID System. After you backup, click Start, right click on "Computer" and select "Manage."
When the Computer Management Page opens, click on "disk management" in the left. You can see a collection of your hard drive on this look, all of the hard drive that you would enter into Your mandatory RAID remove from "disk management." The third image is a way to combine many hard drive RAID system wear Windows 7
After all the hard disk last is removed, you will still be able to see the hard drive on this window, but is shown on the bottom of the panel, along with the hard drive space that is not allocated.
The fourth image is a way to combine many hard drive RAID system wear Windows 7

On Windows, you are given several options such as RAID volume, spanned volume, stripped and mirrored volumes.
Spanned volume is you'll create one partition that really combines all RAID hard drive.
Stripped volume is you will split the file into several Computers, use to improve the performance of read and write files. so on both these options, there is no redundancy, so You are required to make a backup.
Whereas if for the Mirrored volume has some redundancy, but you will lose some space on the hard disk to create the entire files needed for recovery. whereas this time the tutorial will be made the simplest volume type and create a spanned volume.
Please right click on the hard drive first which you will enter into a RAID system and click "New Spanned Volume."
The fifth picture how to integrate many hard drive RAID system wear Windows 7
This option will open the window "New Spanned Volume Wizard." Click "next" and select the hard disk where you want to use in the RAID System.
The sixth picture how to combine many hard drive RAID system wear Windows 7
Give the new volume mount point or mount letter.
The seventh picture how to integrate many hard drive RAID system wear Windows 7
Provide the name and format the hard disk volume, and click "next."
The eighth way to combine many pictures hard drive RAID system wear Windows 7
You got here should receive a warning telling you that if there is an operating system on the hard drive of the volume that you enter into the RAID.
The ninth picture how to integrate many hard drive RAID system wear Windows 7
The last hard drive will be formatted and once the drive is mounted, a notification will appear on AutoPlay of windows.
The pictures Ten how to integrate many hard drive RAID system wear Windows 7
you are trying to open Windows Explorer, here you should be able to see the new hard drive volume, i.e. a combination of a couple into one last hard drive hard drive.

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How to speed up Internet connection and Wifi

How to speed up Internet connection and Wifi, Hi friends this time sky line I'd love to give tutorial how to speed up internet connection and wifi which is in public, I here will give you several options to make your connection faster, if not faster at least your connection will be smoothly, in some cases never kah you check your connections on the speedtest very fast or tight but in reality was very slow as hell , even to open the google homepage that just need seperdetik only could be tens of seconds, or you ever kah while downloading files using file downloader like idm and the like figures showed a huge yg speed but loading download choked sendat, this can be caused by several key factors:

1. The large number of users connect to the internet on the line that is causing the internet connection is broken down into many and yours is one of them to resolve it you could use tools called NETCUT, software hosts from this renowned arcai long in supremacy to decide another person's connection in one line the same network, could be under wifi or lan, to how to use netcut later I will discuss in the next article.

2. your computer or laptop infected with a virus, the virus is also a major cause of slowing down your internet connection, never mind the fact the internet connection capability of your computer or your own laptop will be reduced and may cause which we can call our computer was slow, for this you have to do is clean your computer from viruses with using your favorite antivirus, if I like to use kaspersky and smadav where kaspersky virus to foreigners those artificial and artificial viruses to people smadav indonesia.

3. Too many programs that eat up ram and your computer as source a, try your check through the task manager does the rest of your computer's ram is full or you a performance is more than 80% if yes turn off programs or applications and software that weight so that your internet connection, or you could be from google's software called ram cleaner, live click ram relief.

4. Limited by mikrotik and indeed the capacity of the connection is already set from the beginning or in any other language has on the limitations, to bypass or penetrate this my advice is don't bother, because there is no point unless you know the password and username of the mikrotik network.

5. Ping the dormant, you can try doing a ping to the way open CMD, type ping-t then enter, if you ping like Figure 1 means your connection smoothly sentosa, however if your ping is dropped dropped out like the picture number 2, my suggestion you can try to use ssh or vpn free to launch a ping that interrupted the break up so that your internet connection will be more smoothly.

6. replace the DNS IP of your laptop computer or trick is:
 -Click Start, Open Control Panel
 -Select On Network & Internet Connection
 -Then Click The Network Connection
 -Right click Local Area Connection and select Properties
 -Click Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties
 -Select The Use Following DNS Servers
 -Then fill in Preferred DNS Server with numbers: or
 -and the contents of the Alternate DNS Server: or with number
 -Then Click OK

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Resep Dan Cara Membuat Kue Putri Ayu Ketan Hitam

Resep Dan Cara Membuat Kue Putri Ayu Ketan Hitam, akan mengulas mengenai resep kue putri ayu ketan hitam dan juga mengenai cara membuat kue putri ayu ketan hitam. Kue putri ayu ketan hitam adalah bisa disebut juga kue putu ayu ketan hitam.resep kue putri ayu ini relatif simpel. dengan cara membuat kue putri ayu yang mudah dan rasanya enak karena manis dengan tekstur ketan hitam dan gurih dari parutan kelapa.

 bahan kue putri ayu :
 5 btr telur
400 gr gula pasir
250 gr terigu segitiga
200 gr tepung ketan hitam
1 sdm sp
500 cc santan hangat
1 btr kelapa parut (dikukus beri garam 1sdm, angkat selagi panas dan aduk bersama dengan 2sdm tepung kanji, sisihkan)
Cara membuat kue putri ayu

1. Kocok telur, gula, sp sampai mengembang selama 15 menit.
2. Kecilkan mixer, masukan tepung terigu dan tepung ketan hitam lalu aduk rata kemudian masukkan santan, aduk lagi.
3. Tuang ke dalam cetakan yang sudah diolesi minyak dan di beri kelapa parut bagian bawahnya.
4. Kukus selama 10 menit atau hingga matang. Lepaskan dari cetakan selagi masih hangat.